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Prescriptive-Integrative Models for Play[...]
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This is a Level II workshop for intermediate and advanced practitioners of play therapy.  As the field of play therapy has expanded in recent years clinicians are working with more complex cases involving children dealing with multiple issues.  The use of one generic theory as the basis for our therapy is often insufficient to treat the complex problems that children bring us.  Prescriptive and integrative play therapy models offer the framework for developing a comprehensive and more effective therapeutic experience.


This workshop will demonstrate the use of a prescriptive approach balanced with a therapeutic relationship that facilitates the child’s social and emotional development. To insure progress at each stage of therapy there are decision points for updating the prescriptive plan. Examples of a multi-component plan with progress review at these decision points will illustrate the process. Practice with tailoring clinical strategies and building a comprehensive plan for play therapy will provide a framework for the most effective use of the methods you have in your therapeutic toolbox.


Learning Objectives:  This workshop will help participants:

1.  Understand principles and purpose of the prescriptive model of play therapy.


2. Explore integrated models of play therapy that offer a framework for comprehensive



3.  Use prescriptive tools to determine decision points, review progress and revise clinical 

      strategies during the course of treatment.


4. Organize a sequentially integrated plan for play therapy to meet a client’s complex      




Brochure for Workshop
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Sandtray therapy can delve deeply into the unconscious; bringing that which is hidden to life. The play therapist is the witness to and the companion in exploring the client’s innermost world through a non-verbal medium. It can be used as an adjunct to play therapy or a modality all of its own. It can be used with diverse populations and for children as well as adults, couples and groups.


Participants will have the hands-on experience of constructing their own Sandtray world as well as aid others in having insight into their world. Exploring metaphoric language and symbolism will help clinicians as they explore the rich world of sand tray. This training will include lecture, videos, practice exercises as well as working in the sand tray.


Learning Objectives:  Participants will:


1.Be able to distinguish between Sandtray and Sandplay.

2.Learn Sandtray from a Humanistic approach and how to implement sand tray into Play Therapy.

3.Be able to set up a Sandtray area for Play Therapy including selection and arrangements of miniatures.

4.Have a protocol for conducting a Play Therapy Sandtray session.

5.Understand the symbolic meaning of toys and environments for Play Therapy.

6.Be able to document a Sandtray Play Therapy session.


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